Book Review: Everyone’s Got a Bottom


This wonderful little book for children of all ages introduces the concepts of body boundaries, self-care, and privacy, provides simple illustrations of typical male and female external genitals, and accurately names the genitals. It emphasizes the importance of children being able to talk openly with adults they trust about these concepts and their bodies and includes additional information for parents regarding prevention and detection of sexual abuse. Sex educator Cath Hakanson has created a video of herself reading Everyone’s Got a Bottom here. The book is only available from the Australian distributor, Lighthouse Resources.

Book Review: The Baby Tree

Sophie Blackall’s whimsical illustrations depict the euphemisms and partial answers that adults often use to avoid answering the question, “Where do babies come from?” This sweet and simple story will allow any adult who works with children to approach a child’s curiosity about human reproduction in a nurturing and age-appropriate way. The last page of the book includes sample questions and answers that may be especially valuable for adults who sincerely want to answer a child’s questions but are searching for the right words.

The book can be purchased here.

Book Review: The Pregnancy Project

As a high school senior, Gaby Rodriguez fakes her own pregnancy to shine a light on the extra challenges pregnant teens face due to society’s harsh judgments and stereotypical assumptions about their intelligence, morals, choices, and future prospects. Gaby’s perseverance and courage in designing, completing, and — ultimately — defending the rationale for her pregnancy project offer insights and inspiration for readers of all ages.

The book can be purchased here.

Book Review: Becoming Nicole: The Extraordinary Transformation of an American Family

Amy Ellis Nutt’s perfectly selected title drives straight to the heart of the matter. Though Nicole Maines is the transgender member of her family, her path to gender affirmation transforms not only her life but the lives of her identical twin brother, Jonas, her mom, Kelly, her dad, Wayne, and the family, friends, and community who support her. This highly relatable biography chronicles over two decades of the social, medical, emotional, and legal challenges — and triumphs — that drove the extraordinary evolution of the Maines family.

The book can be purchased here.