Web Sites

For Parents:

Hands-down, my favorite and most-recommended web site for parents with questions about how to talk to their children about sex is Sex Ed Rescue by Cath Hakanson.

For Anyone with Detailed Questions About Sexual and Reproductive Health:

Columbia University’s Go Ask Alice! archive of Sexual and Reproductive Health Questions and Answers (Q&A) is extensive, searchable, and scientifically accurate, making it an invaluable and efficient online resource for those questions you might otherwise leave unasked and unanswered.

For Those Who Value Socially Progressive Sex Ed with High Entertainment Value:

With almost 1.5 million followers, Laci Green’s YouTube channel packs a powerful punch. Though Laci’s language can be colorful and her unapologetically feminist perspective attracts criticism from those who disagree with her, there is no question that the videos she has created over the past ten years have enriched the comprehensive sexuality education conversation.

For Educators or Those Who Want to Dig Into the Psychology of Sexuality:

Dr. Don’s 5 Minutes of Intercourse (5MI Weekly) You Tube channel interweaves his academic perspective as a neuropsychologist, decades of experience teaching Human Sexuality to college students, and a zany sense of humor. His work, funded by the Association for Psychological Science, includes references to recent scientific publications and historical ideologies, literature, and art.