Book Review: Doing It!

Doing It Book Cover

Hannah Witton has a free-and-easy communication style that has attracted more than 545,000 subscribers to her video blog on YouTube. That same style translates beautifully into her first book, Doing It!, published in 2017. (Of note, in 2019, she launched a podcast with the same name.) In the book, Witton unapologetically shares bits of herself, her family, and her relationships, providing generational and emotional context. She also incorporates the perspectives of her followers, other authors, and topic experts. Her skillful interweaving of diverse worldviews with choice reference materials results in a vibrant tapestry of sexual information that will enrich a broad audience, but the target audience is late-teens and twenty-somethings who are navigating the challenges of young-adult sexuality in a digitally-dominant world. Click here to purchase the book.